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Chapman University takes the health and safety of its students, faculty and staff seriously and is committed to keeping everyone prepared and informed for all emergency situations. 


For immediate assistance on any emergency, contact Public Safety at:

From Chapman phone: extension 6763 or 911
From outside line: (714) 997-6763
From Campus pay phone: *22

By calling Public Safety first, they can respond quicker to a situation and notify the proper emergency services. If you are on a cell phone or off campus, 911 will lead you directly to the city's emergency services as usual.


To be alerted of campus emergencies, Chapman uses Panther-Alert which notifies students and staff through text messages, emails and phone calls.

If you would like to be a part or opt out of Panther-Alert, login here with your Chapman sign in information.


Sexual Violence Crisis Hotline - (800) 656-4673 

Local Rape Crisis Hotline - (714) 831-9110

Local Domestic Violence Hotline - (714) 992-1931

Suicide Prevention Hotline - (800) 273-8255

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Hotline - (800) 662-HELP

Grief and Trauma Hotline - (800) 445-4808


Public Safety - (714) 997-6763

Student Psychological Counseling Center - (714) 997-6778

P.E.E.R. - Proactive Education Encouraging Responsibility - (714) 744-7080

Student Health Services - (714) 997-6851 

Student Affairs - (714) 997-6721


To learn more about the Office of Public Safety's emergency plans, view our Emergency Procedures.

Emergency Contact:

(714) 997-6763 or 911

Fire - Medical - Police - 24/7


For the latest notifications, please visit the Chapman Public Safety Blog.